When you need minimally invasive surgery done, contact Comprehensive Surgical Care as soon as possible. Dr. Nguyen will discuss your condition and explain what your operation involves. We’ve helped many patients suffering from various abdominal, upper respiratory, head and neck issues. Trust us to do what we can to restore your health.

Visit our office today to speak with a skilled abdominal surgeon in Hazlet, Middletown and Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Dr. Nguyen can handle any type of operation you need done

At Comprehensive Surgical Care, you’ll receive the treatment you need to eliminate your recurring symptoms. Dr. Nguyen can remove:

Melanoma tumors

which form when damaged skin cells mutate, multiply and turn into malignant cells

Cancerous tumors

which can spread quickly if not detected and removed quickly

Benign tumors

which don’t spread but can still damage vital organs and limit your normal functions

Skin cysts

which can be diagnosed through an MRI, ultrasound, X-ray or CT scan

Skin lesions

which can be hereditary or a result of an allergic reaction

We also handle soft tissue work, including reproductive surgery, upper airway surgery and wound care. Call 732-888-9400 now to schedule a consultation with a general surgeon in Hazlet, Middletown and Monmouth County, New Jersey.