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Tom Mayo

I have been a patient of Dr. Nguyen since 2000. I unfortunately am a casualty of hernia mesh. My hernia mesh was installed before Dr. Nguyen was my surgeon. I have experienced countless complications from the hernia mesh as well as numerous surgeons. Dr. Nguyen became my surgeon in 2000 and began the process of removing the mesh and repairing the many complications the mesh had caused. Ihave had many abdominal surgeries and numerous surgeons. In my opinion Dr. Nguyen is a very talented surgeon and the only one that will care for me. A more caring and knowledgeable doctor you will not find Rating: 5

Brian V

Dr. Nguyen is one of the most professional, caring and compassionate doctors I have ever been treated by. He became my doctor in 2016 and has treated me for multiple issues with my stomach post a surgery I had done. Dr. Nguyen provides incredible attention to his patients when they are in his care. It's amazing to understand how he does it with all the patients he has throughout the day at the hospital. He has great bedside manner and is thoughtful and understanding to you and your concerns. He is very knowledgeable and talented surgeon and I trust the advice he always gives. Rating: 5

Christine A

I was in need of a surgeon to remove a lump from my underarm. Dr Nguyen scheduled the surgery right away. When it was found to be cancer he put in a catheter port right away. He always listened to my concerns and would address them right away. I would recommend him highly.thanks again Dr Nguyen! Rating: 5