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Tom Mayo

I have been a patient of Dr. Nguyen since 2000. I unfortunately am a casualty of hernia mesh. My hernia mesh was installed before Dr. Nguyen was my surgeon. I have experienced countless complications from the hernia mesh as well as numerous surgeons. Dr. Nguyen became my surgeon in 2000 and began the process of removing the mesh and repairing the many complications the mesh had caused. Ihave had many abdominal surgeries and numerous surgeons. In my opinion Dr. Nguyen is a very talented surgeon and the only one that will care for me. A more caring and knowledgeable doctor you will not find Rating: 5

Brian V

Dr. Nguyen is one of the most professional, caring and compassionate doctors I have ever been treated by. He became my doctor in 2016 and has treated me for multiple issues with my stomach post a surgery I had done. Dr. Nguyen provides incredible attention to his patients when they are in his care. It's amazing to understand how he does it with all the patients he has throughout the day at the hospital. He has great bedside manner and is thoughtful and understanding to you and your concerns. He is very knowledgeable and talented surgeon and I trust the advice he always gives. Rating: 5

Christine A

I was in need of a surgeon to remove a lump from my underarm. Dr Nguyen scheduled the surgery right away. When it was found to be cancer he put in a catheter port right away. He always listened to my concerns and would address them right away. I would recommend him highly.thanks again Dr Nguyen! Rating: 5

Carol K

Last year Dr. Nguyen saved my life in an emergency situation, when I was rushed to Riverview Medical Center. He treated me as though I had been his patient for years. He is professional, skilled, kind, and I and would not hesitate to use him again.Rating: 5

Frank Stabile

I had a very good experience. The procedure was explained to me clearly. Everything went well. I was walking around the same day. I experienced only a minimal amount of pain. I did not need any pain medication. Returned to work in a couple of days. Was very satisfied with the procedure, Doctor and his staff.


My experience with Comprehensive Surgical Care was excellent. Dr. Nguyen was always professional and confidence-inspiring. He adeptly identified my condition and executed a lengthy surgery with strong results. He saved my life.

Margery Cohen

New Year's Eve of 2006, I barely walked into Riverview Hospital in a very weak state. Long story short, a week later, you operated and removed a tumor that had started in my small intestine and entangled parts of my large intestine and ovaries. In 21 days I was out of the hospital. This period of time is somewhat vague to me and you are the person I have the most vivid memory of.

I want to thank you for giving my life back to me. You did a fantastic job; my digestive system hasn't worked this well for a dozen years. I remember your inspiring words, "be positive" which I have kept with me through my recovery and chemo. I had my final oncologist appointment last month and this gift to you ends my colon cancer journey. Thanks so very much!


Just wanted to thank you for all that you did for me and allowing me to spend the last two weeks in St. Marten. I was tired, but the weather and seeing all my old friends was a positive health benefit.

Christine Araco

I was in need of a surgeon to remove a lump from my underarm. Dr Nguyen scheduled the surgery right away. When it was found to be cancer he put in a catheter port right away. He always listened to my concerns and would address them right away. I would recommend him highly.thanks again Dr Nguyen! Rating: 5

Christine Gergich

Nothing but all positive care and compassion from Dr. Nguyen and to Lori (Office Manager)...such caring & support for my son, Tyler. In February 2018 such a negative situation turned t total positive-his emergency gallbladder surgery, scary on its own. This is the "only" surgeon we will go to or recommend to others. Thank you, ever so much! You will love this office!


I was admitted to Bayshore Hospital on March 16, 2018. Doctor Nguyen saw me the first time on March 17th, 2018 and made me feel very comfortable. Prior to my surgery for my gallbladder that was on March 19, 2018, he was very concerned about the care for the patients. He was very compassionate and helped me recover in time to make it to my son's wedding on March 24th. Thanks to Doctor Nguyen and his staff, I feel great and I was able to enjoy my son's wedding without pain.

Trae D.

Comprehensive SC, LLC was quick and responsive with my hernia operation. I would recommend Dr. Nguyen to an friends or family in the future.

Cecilia Santiago

It was very good. The doctor explains well and asks if I have any questions.


Outstanding response to my medical emergency.

Cesare Chirico

Dr. Nguyen is friendly and has a nice bedside manner. He was confident and made me feel very comfortable. His staff is also very nice.


They are wonderful, very professional and caring.


Dr. Nguyen was great He explained everything thoroughly and made this process much less stressful.

Mary Beth Campanello

Stomach pains, nausea, fever, went to Riverview-had blood text-x-ray & CT Scan. Called in Dr. Nguyen for appendectomy. It was quick and easy Doctor followed up the next day in hospital and office followed up for office visit. Good experience.


Dr. Nugyen was very patient and thorough. His bedside manner was above average-I am sure this skill will continue to serve him well. I would recommend Dr. Nguyen without hesitation-thank you Doctor.


Dr. Nguyen was a pleasure to have treat me. He was assigned by the hospital to be my surgeon. My family agreed when I asked them. He kept me well-informed and was very attentive during my hospital stay. His office was helpful during post op. Would recommend him & would request his service if needed in the future.

J Marte

Dr. Nguyen was direct& professional in his communication. Surgery went well, so all in all, very good!

Patty Johnson

Dr. Nguyen, for the second time in my medical history, did a wonderful job in my latest hernia operation. I was supposed to go in for one hernia but Dr. Nguyen discovered TWO others hidden by scar tissue. Instead of a two-hour-plus surgery, he operated for SEVEN hours! His dedication to my well-being is his best attribute as a surgeon. I'm now on my way to recovery thanks to Dr. Nguyen. I would highly recommend him to anyone.